Our Vision

Making studying at night easier.


Being able to study at night is a luxury many students around the world cannot afford. These students, incapacitated at night, are often located in poor nations where there is an enormous energy generation deficit.

The main causes of the difficult access to electricity are political, infrastructural, and economic in nature. Unfortunately, this deficit in electricity trickles down to the educational system which ends up also being marred in quality.

Inspired by the likes of Grameen Bank in finance and M-Pesa in fintech, Bright Future is adopting a micro-solution to a structural problem, in order to incrementally drive change. By introducing the simple technology of the Firefly Pen, Bright Future serves as a catalyst to facilitate studying at night, which in turn creates an increase in productivity for students, and thus improves the quality of education in developing parts of the world.

Bright Future is dedicated to the development of poor nations, and the improvement of its populations’ lives through economic empowerment. We believe that the foundation of a free and thriving people belies in education. Therefore, we make it our mission to use the Firefly Pen to create synergy gains in poor communities and improve lives in the forgotten corners of the world.


Franck Ouattara
Co-Founder & CEO

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